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Tuttle Shuttle was founded by Scottsdale's premier hometown dentist, Dr. Kent Tuttle, and his expert team. Just like at our home office, at the Tuttle Shuttle our patients are the focus of everything we do! Whatever your smile goals may be, we're determined to make them happen by offering world-class smile makeovers and dental treatments on the go. We are passionate about transforming lives through oral health and service-oriented care.

Dr. Kent Tuttle checking out a patient's teethThe Tuttle Shuttle is a mobile dental office that was designed to fill a need for our patients and the communities surrounding Scottsdale, AZ. Not only do we provide world-class dentistry for our patients who may have trouble getting to the dentist, but to the underserved populations who need quality dental care the most.

The Mobile Dentistry Mission

The Tuttle Shuttle is a unique solution offered to patients who may have trouble getting to the dentist's office. Not only do we offer mobile cosmetic dentistry services to our patients, but we've made it our mission to travel to remote, underserved areas and bless those suffering unique hardships with mobile dentistry and smile makeovers. Using elite cosmetic dental treatments and safe anesthesia solutions, our end goal is to create a global movement that will inspire dentists and people across the world to give healthy, beautiful smiles to those in need. We've also set the goal to give away 12 smile transformations to the underserved in 2022!

To achieve this, we offer state-of-the-art cosmetic dental services on the go, including the following:

The team behind Tuttle Shuttle is comprised of some of the most skilled, well-qualified, and experienced professionals in the dental field. We take pride in our team and their passion for helping every patient maintain a lifetime of healthy, glowing smiles!

Transform Your Smile with Mobile Dental Treatments

Tuttle Shuttle is proud to offer top-notch cosmetic and mobile dentistry to patients and underserved communities. We're here to create a smile movement through exceptional service. By transforming smiles, we can transform lives!

Contact us today to schedule your mobile dental treatment or nominate someone who deserves a free smile makeover!

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