Mobile Comfort Dentistry in Scottsdale, AZ 

Do you need extra support to stay calm and comfortable during dental treatment or oral surgery procedures? At the Tuttle Shuttle, our mobile dental service list includes the option to add safe sedation dentistry services to your treatment. We offer some of the best comfort dentistry services near Scottsdale, AZ because ours are delivered by a team of experts who are well-trained in delivering safe, effective comfort dentistry solutions.

patient asleep during dental procedure thanks to comfort dentistryIf you experience dental anxiety, have special healthcare needs, are set to receive a lengthier treatment like a tooth extraction or laser gum therapy, or simply need extra help staying comfortable in the dentist's chair, our team will help you determine the best sedation level for your needs!

Our Scottsdale, AZ mobile dentist's office offers the following comfort dentistry solutions:

Oral Conscious Sedation

The Tuttle Shuttle offers oral conscious sedation to help our anxious patients stay relaxed during treatment. This form of sedation is taken as a pill prior to the procedure and can be used as both a mild and moderate sedative. With mild sedation, patients often feel drowsy; for moderate sedation, patients may fall into a light sleep.

TuttleNumbNow Local Anesthesia

Introduced by Dr. Gregory K. Tuttle, TuttleNumbNow (TNN) is a form of local anesthesia that is proven to be an effective, efficient solution for even the toughest teeth to numb! This unique solution helps ensure patients never have to worry about the ability to numb their teeth for a more lengthy procedure or treatment. Our team is well-versed in the delivery of comfort dentistry solutions and will always customize the level of anesthesia delivered to ensure the healthiest outcomes!

Learn More About Comfort Dentistry Services

Our mobile dental team is here to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. Call today to learn how our comfort dentistry services can make your mobile dental appointments a breeze!

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